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  • Amazing place to buy a puppy

    We have been long searching for a good place to buy a puppy till we paid a visit Cedar Pet Supply. The staff are amazing especially Taylor-she made the process so smooth and read us the terms and conditions thoroughly before letting us go to make sure we are well-informed about the puppy. She is awesome and very good in what she's doing. As well as Karen, she did great in preparing and grooming the puppy before handing it to us. She also informed us how to properly feed our pup, the hours that she's normally fed and the vaccines that she already has. My husband and I have never been well-informed like this when buying a pup. This is our second puppy and we are very delighted that we got her from Cedar Pet Supply.

    Krishna & Anthony

  • Cedar City needed a place like this

    Walked into Cedar Pet Supply and wow they have everything. They have lots of animals and the place looks clean and organized. Staff was friendly too. Highly recommend this place


  • The best place to find a puppy.

    We had been searching for a long time looking for the perfect new family member. Then we found Cedar Pet and have never looked back. We found the perfect little gal and love her more every day.

    Kloe M.

  • I Would Rate a 10

    Not sure where to start because my experience here was a 10. I found the perfect French Bull dog for my family. They answered all of my questions and then took care of everything for us. He's just as they said, and we couldn't be happier with our new family member.

    Arnold C.