The Ulti-Mutt Paw-sitive Puppy & Adult Dog Training

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Here at cedar city pet supply we have the Ulti-mutt Paw-sitive dog training courses. Our trainer is trained for any type of situation. This is from Fear aggression and anxiety to biting and pulling, nipping and chewing and even potty training.  

We offer many different types of classes for Puppy Training and Adult Dog Training!

We have Puppy 1 and 2 classes and then offer the American Kennel Club S.T.A.R puppy class. This A.K.C recognized class gets you a certificate that lets everyone know your baby is a great citizen.  

We also offer Adult Dog Training 1 & 2 classes. We have the Canine Good Citizen, The Urban Canine Good Citizenship and Canine Community. These are all recognized by the american kennel club as well.

Your pup will have this title attached to their name and this lets the world know that they are the perfect member of society. Come into Cedar Pet Supply and talk to our trainer about your fur baby today.

Training Service Costs

  • 6 week course is $99.99 This is a choice between any of our classes
  • 12 week course is $175.99, This a a choice of any 2 classes we offer. This choice saves you $23.99!
  • 18 week course is $249.99, this is a choice of 3 courses and saves you $49.98!.
  • 6 week course between the choices of  Canine community or Urban canine good citizenship is $74.99. These can only be done with a prior evaluation of your fur baby unless you have been through Ulti-mutt Paw-sitive Training.

All evaluations from the A.K.C classes will be $20. You will have 3 chances to pass the evaluation. If failed a 6 week refresher course will be offered at a discounted price if you would like to take it. You can take the evaluation as many times as you would like but after 3 fails you must pay the $20 fee again.

The classes are one day a week, one hour per class. Any family member may join to learn. 

Days We Offer Puppy & Dog Training Classes

  • Sun  9am or 5pm
  • Mon 9 am or 8 pm
  • Tue 9 am or 8 pm
  • Wed, 9 am or 8 pm
  • Thur  9 am or 8 pm
  • Fri    9 am or 8pm
  • Sat    9 am or 8pm

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Schedule a Training Class Online!